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At Heliprops we have no typical client and embrace the wide range of nationalities, backgrounds, cultures and professions of the lives we have the privilege of encountering. The relationships formed are often enduring with clients returning over and over for more immersion in such unforgettable experiences.

Generally, though, our clients are highly discerning with an eye for standards and an intent to seek out the very best for themselves and those they love. They have a passion for engaging with the beauty and nature of Africa and the people who live off its land. They come with a deep sense of the responsibility we all share for the conservation of wildlife and landscape, and an awareness that the business they bring can lead to even greater good. 


For those who join us we'll meet and exceed the standards you demand. We'll have an easy going and flexible approach to every day you're with us, and a longing for you to enjoy enormous fun and have the time of your life. We'll maintain an unswerving care for your safety with a commitment to persistent professionalism. We'll immerse you in the unforgettable and then wait to see you again.

Our established and well rehearsed Covid protocols represent the highest standards of safe client management and ensure that all possible risks are mitigated with minimal compromise to the experience we offer. Follow the Pdf link below for a full summary of our protocols.

Heliprops Ltd Covid Measures

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